Monday, July 4, 2011

My most significant experience on Crowdtap.

I joined Crowdtap eight months ago not knowing what to expect, as I had never heard of a site like this anywhere on the web. I loved how unique it was and really wanted to give my opinions to brands. I read it was in Beta and I would be a Beta tester. I did not have a clue as to what this meant. I decided that I really liked the great discussions and the topics that Crowdtap and the Brands gave us. I wanted to be a part of something new and I really started loving it, when I started having comments and likes on my responses and then started receiving Top Awards, I was so excited. Earning Amazon gift Cards is great, to date I have earned over $280.00 and I really liked being a part of this site even more. I asked my friends to join and started to be so addicted that it was a daily thing to post, like and comment on the site and still is.
With all of the great information I have received from the members on the site, the thing that stands out the most is I learned something new and even though I complained from time to time about the site loading and problems with the site, I learned that as a Beta tester I am a part of helping this site grow. I now have an understanding what Beta testing is and am very proud to have came on board when the site was a newborn.
I have loved seeing my suggestions taken seriously and now have seen the site grown and improve so much and all of us Beta testers can take a little part of that credit.
As a Beta tester, I am important to the success of the site and through Crowdtap I have learned to be patient and would not hesitate to be a tester again. I would like to say thank you to Crowdtap for their patience and allowing those of us that did not quite understand what Beta meant, to speak freely and uncensored on the site and when I am a Beta tester again, I have a greater understanding of the concept.
This site is a great way for a person to lean what demographics mean and how marketing is done. I will continue to be a member and will continue to learn on this site.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Join to earn rewards, samples and have discussions with great brands and people.

I joined Crowdtap eight months ago not knowing what to expect. This site is great to interact with brands and members.
The site is much like a game site and has been described as such by other reviews in magazines. Users are able to earn points and climb through the levels by logging in, answering quick hits (polls) about brands and general questions random users are given rewards 1 in 25 wins. Referral bonuses are as follows, for 5 friends who join under you, 5.00 is awarded plus 100 points for each one.
Discussions are also a huge part of the earning power of this site. Users are given a question and then answer with their opinions. Each day users are given 25 points for their comments and for their first response to a topic 200 points.  One of the current topics for June 2011 is "What social sites do you belong to and why". Users are able to comment and give likes on the responses of members. Crowdtap and or the brands engaging the members award stars for great posts and each star is worth 400 points, for every 5 likes a user gets on their post a 50 point award is given. These points help a member gain status and a higher level. At the end of the discussion, winners are chosen and awarded Crowtap cash, that is redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards. I have earned about $300 so far and really enjoy the discussions. Badges are awarded and are fun to show on a members profile.
One of the great things that make this site stand out from the others is 5 percent of a users award is automatically donated to the charity that the user selects and Crowdtap meets the donation with 5 percent more. Users can also decide to give all their earning to charity also.
The brands offer sampling and house party's to some of the members who fit the demographics and some of the things that they have offered so far include Old Navy Jeans, shorts, dresses and accessories. Hawaiian Tropic House Party, Platex Sport Wipes and a few others. Members are given these samples and are asked to submit a report on the product. Earning rewards for their reports.
You should try this site out here is my link to join and I would be happy to help you anyway I can. If you find you have questions about the site, feel free to also ask on the Crowdtap Facebook Page.  Just past this in your browser and it will take you directly to the site. Crowdtap is now over 100,000 members strong and have hit the 1 million dollar mark in just this first year of operation.


I have been earning free rewards from the sites I belong to. I love that I can add these gift cards to my Amazon Account just like a bank and see my funds available for spending build. Many of these sites offer other prizes or gift cards, but I like to personally use account. I have not had to buy gifts for family and friends since I started earning this way. All of the sites mentioned below have a search and win option and include videos, surveys and offers that are optional but really help you build your earnings.

1- Swagbucks- I have earned quite a bit through this site and would encourage anyone who would like to earn gift cards and prizes to sign up Gift cards take 7 to 10 days to show up in your account.

2-iRazoo- Ran much the same as Swagbucks but you are earn 155 points daily just for searching any word you like and commenting on it. Gift cards take about three weeks to appear in your account. They do pay out and it is worth the wait for a few minutes a day it can help to build your gift cards for many sites. You also earn 50 points for every friend that joins under you, plus you get matching points on everything they earn up to 3000 points. If you have a lot of friends, you can earn a lot of rewards.

3-Zoombucks-Once again ran like the two sites above and points build quickly. You can play fee games to earn daily and the video rewards are great.

4-Superpoints- Same as above except this is not a search and win site, instead you earn by spinning a wheel each day for 30 to 50 spins. They also will usually send you one email a day that can contain surprise points. It is worth opening the email as I won 75 points in one just the other night. This is an invitation only site, if you interested in joining please comment below and I will post and invitation for you. You can earn points daily for searches and trade them in for gift cards and prizes. I use many of these sites like game sites and I am earning from them and not just wasting my time.

6-Club.Bing- This is an actual site where you can play mainly word games for prizes. I have earned so many great prizes from this site. There is no referral bonus, but the points are easy to earn.